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Ann Parham Speaks to TSSA on ‘Best Practices for Small to Medium Operators’

CEO Ann Parham of Learn Self Storage recently spoke at the Texas Self Storage Association‘s luncheon on the best practices for small to medium operators.

During this meeting, Ann Parham discussed a handful of key topics that are important for business owners to focus on in order to assist them in being successful with their investment in the self storage industry.

One of those key topics was the noteworthiness of having a website to represent your business in the online world.  Having a fully functional, operational website to conduct your day to day business and gain potential leads could easily make or break your business.

“I can’t express the importance of a good website and a well managed website”, Ann states, later explaining that it is important to look at your website minimally every other day to ensure your website is fully functional.  A fully functional website helps portray the image of a fully functional, well equipped business.

Another topic Ann Parham discussed was the importance of relationship building with your customers and giving them that one-on-one interaction that they deserve.

“Establish a relationship with a customer, that’s going to be your edge.  It’ll give you a more up-close and personal connection with your customer.”

She also stated that partnering with the right business while building the foundation of your company could give you a serious upper hand against your competitors.

Ann states, “By going with a company such as Learn Self Storage to build your business, it’ll give you the opportunity to be a part of the LSS management team, and take ownership of your individual property, giving you full ability to treat your customers well.”

Going hand-in-hand with partnering with the right company, she also states that it’s important for an owner to get the training to learn how to be an owner.

A 3rd party company such as Learn Self Storage can not only assist in getting approved for a loan, being they have the expertise and know the ropes of the self storage industry, but they can also help out on a consulting basis and offer full-time storage management while an owner is learning how to operate their business.

Ann Parham is a member of the Texas Self Storage Association (TSSA), the largest self-storage organization in the United States, providing benefits to self storage operators and owners in Texas since 1986.  With over 29 years in the industry and 3,800 member facilities, the TSSA provides opportunities for operators and owners to learn, share, and improve their personal businesses as well as the self storage industry as a whole.

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