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We have a group of self- storage facilities that we operate as if they are our own.

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Joshua Management offers a variety of services to ensure a successful Self Storage venture. We are equipped with over three decades of experience that guide our clients in opening new stores, implementing operational processes, training employees and owners to provide the highest standard, and creating marketing plans that maximize investment.


Is your self storage facility your investment and not your career? Joshua Management can watch over it on your behalf. With more than 28 years of experience in facility management, customer service and owner reporting, we can take care of business and send you the check. We know how it feels to have your money, and your future, in self storage and would manage your investment like it’s our own. We also offer consulting services. 


Completing construction and receiving a Certificate of Occupancy is a milestone in self storage management. However, there’s a lot to be done to assure you are up and running when the doors open, taking advantage of demand with an initial burst of speed. Our new store startup consultations give you the tools to operate effectively. Learn the tricks of the trade and open your store with confidence.


Some owners prefer to be hands-on in the management of their own store. Joshua Management can help owners learn the basics of property management and what to look for in a successful store operation. Our staff can train on-site managers and owners at the same time, establishing lasting performance standards. The goal is always to help the owner operate a successful and profitable business.


You have a state-of-the-art facility with all of the amenities and a top-notch self storage management team. How do you get renters to walk in the door? Joshua Management can assist you with a range of programs and campaigns to connect you to your target market. Each marketing plan is location-specific, both to the public you want to attract and the competitors you want to beat.


The moment the customer walks through the door they have communicated a need. Resolving that need to their satisfaction eliminates the possibility that they will look elsewhere. We can help you feature your products and services in a manner that will compel the customer to put money in your cash drawer over the competition.


Hiring an auditor from outside the self storage industry who does not understand the business of self storage is a sure way to spend money unnecessarily. Knowing what figures are needed to produce reports, what documents and reports are required, and how to evaluate what they mean are where Joshua Management shines.

What Makes Us Different


To offer  the highest quality of self-storage management services that are backed by years of knowledge and experience. 


Our goal is to uphold the core values as a family member of the Parham Group Companies,  while expanding our portfolio of facilities and growing our continuing education platform.


To continue the legacy of our founder and self-storage industry-leader, Mike Parham, with knowledge, passion and personality. 

Core Values


You can count on us just as much as we count on each other.


We inspire and motivate.


We live by the golden rule.


We are committed to being and providing the absolute best.

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David Parham
Nanette Hilgendorf
Leatine Fasano
Shelly Wilcox

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