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Defying Self Storage Industry Odds in Stone Oak, TX

Noah’s Ark Self Storage of Stone Oak, recognized for the Mini Storage Messenger’s 2014 Facility of the Year, overcame an incredible amount of odds to get the facility off the ground. Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell details these issues in MSN’s December 2014 issue.

“Our first big issue when we decided we wanted to develop in the area is that the property owner’s association didn’t allow self storage,” the late Mike Parham told Mini Storage Messenger. Parham was CEO of NDS Construction and Noah’s Ark Development at the time of the facility’s launch.

Picking the right location, getting permits and getting through the construction stage posed several challenges for the project challenged Parham and his team. Design issues, zoning and opposition from neighboring areas added to these hurdles.

The Obstacles

The North San Antonio location of Noah’s Ark self storage in Stone Oak is a prosperous location with gated communities and 24-hour security. This location posed many challenges during development. However, with 12 new apartment complexes and a new hospital district (one of the fastest growing areas in San Antonio), the new site was a prime location.

“It is one of the major hospital districts in the United States,” Parham said. “There is everything from oral surgeons to every specialist you can think of.”

The Building Phase

After spending several years to convince the Property Owner Association that a self storage facility would benefit the community, the facility finally broke ground on 2.23-acres. The actual facility was built on just .87 of an acre and called for an innovative design.

“This would make this property the smallest construction site in NDS Construction history,” Parham said.

The site was heavily restricted, with four-level buildings not allowed. This resulted in a new design feature that utilized a basement floor. Not having ever designed a basement level was trouble in itself, and rocky sediment added to the issues (and expenses). If blasting through rock while attempting not to disturb their new neighbors wasn’t enough, there was an unusually harsh winter during construction.

Once the basement floor level was finished, the rest of the project proceeded fairly quickly. Finishing up called for impressive landscaping. It was crucial that the curb appeal be pleasing to the eye and fit into the affluent surrounding area. Finally, the new facility was outfitted with over 40 HD cameras to provide maximum security – a must in this high-dollar neighborhood.

The Final Product

Through all the obstacles and defying the odds, Noah’s Ark Stone Oak was completed on-time and under budget and was soon recognized as 2014 Facility of the Year. It’s a story of inspiration to anyone considering this giant undertaking.

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