How to Find and Train a Self Storage Manager

So imagine you own a self storage facility. In other words, imagine you’re living the American dream of starting your own business, because you are. But not every dream is easy to maintain, as there are constant interruptions when you work in property management. These interruptions can be helped by delegating power to certain parts, or in the case of being a self storage owner, delegating to your manager. Finding the right self storage manager and employees is key, and there are a few tips to make sure your storage dream doesn’t turn into a nightmare.

Hiring the Right People

This is simple. Hire people you get along with, and people that most people would get along with. You wouldn’t want to hire a rude salesperson, right Sometimes the part of the employee that can’t be altered is the most important part.

Figuring Out Wages

It is obvious that you’ll attract better candidates the more you offer for the manager job, and you will get better results from employees the more incentives they have. Money is always something to keep in mind.

Deciding the Best Way to Train

There will be skills and abilities that you will need to teach your new employee, and how you figure out going about that is up to you. There are a few common ways of doing this. First, you could give them written material, as reference for what to do in situations. You could also send your employee to seminars and workshops for managing storage spaces. Another method is on the job training, with other employees showing them how the work is done. Lastly, there is online training, with training courses available for whatever topic you’ll need.

Implementing the Training Effectively

However you decide to train your new employee, it is vital to do it fluidly and successfully. Making sure the new manager is involved and understands exactly what you want from them is the purpose. The more they actually do, the more they will remember.

Don’t Stop the Training After They Start

Knowledge in this industry is key to keep up with, and just because you already trained a manager doesn’t mean they can’t know more. There will be seminars and training programs that cover new ground, and as the owner you wouldn’t want to be out of date with the world of self storage.

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