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Self Storage Design Trends

The world of self storage is always changing. To keep up, the design of your facility needs to follow the current trends of self storage design or maybe even stay ahead of the trends. There are a ton of factors that go into this, some of which could affect whether or not your self storage company gets the results you desire. Below are a few items to consider to stay ahead in this fast-paced real estate environment.

What Type of Building You’re Using

There are a few things to consider for this. Are you building a storage facility from the ground up? Are you using an existing building? How much is all of it going to cost? Does the surrounding area support the size and type of facility you are building? These are important questions to consider.


Another thing to consider about this whole process is the accessibility and visibility of your self storage building. If people can’t find it or it is not able to be seen from a road, then your location might be a little subpar due to the amount of potential customers lost.

The Management Office

Your office for management should be a representation of you and your company. It is one of the places where customers will make their first impression. You want your office to be both professional and inviting, giving off a good air about it in general. Customer service should be right near the front in your office as well. This is all about making sure your customers are impressed and satisfied. Maintaining an online presence and easy customer service accessibility are also emerging trends to ensure best management practices.

Budgeting and Materials

The type of materials you use sends certain signals. Concrete sends off a certain vibe compared to something like laminate tile. However, you also need to consider how durable and useful materials are, not just their aesthetics. The budget of your materials and everything else is important to think about as well. The best value for the right stuff is the likely way to go.

The design of self storage has become more and more sophisticated over these past few years as the demand for better designed buildings and transparency has risen. Through all these factors and questions, hopefully you follow this trend, making your self storage business well-designed, well-priced and functional which should, in turn, ensure longevity and profitability of your investment.

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