Community Marketing Services

Congratulations! You have a beautiful self storage facility, a strong team of employees and a clear vision for your success. Except there aren’t customers walking in your door to use your services. It doesn’t matter how experienced or prepared you are to run your business successfully if you can’t reach the client base you’re targeting!

Joshua Management can provide customized solutions to your specific needs. From community awareness to targeted campaigns, we know how to bring traffic to your facility. Learn how your information can get into the hands of people who need it, and start serving the audiences your business was meant to serve!

Customized Location Marketing

Each storage facility is different, and one of the main factors we consider is location. Depending on where your facility is located, we implement the most effective marketing services for that area. Using local data, we can identify potential customers and target them with our personable approach to marketing. This allows us to capitalize on opportunities nearby as well as build your reputation in the community. Once the word is out, new customers will listen to reviews and word of mouth spread by your surrounding community.

Community Marketing Campaigns

People need storage in all phases of their lives. Whether they are moving to college, finding their first apartment, moving closer to their job or purchasing a home, all demographics need trustworthy storage at some point in their lives. Some of our most successful marketing strategies originate from a desire to make our presence known in the community. Institutions like schools, HOAs and local government or businesses are great ways to get the brand and name out there.

We create marketing collateral like pamphlets, flyers and business cards with more information to hand out around town. We also sponsor local schools so that our customer base is familiar with our name and services for the future. A sponsorship is a great way to show interest in the youth of the community while also serving your own purposes. We even do simple things like make cookies to take to assisted living homes in the efforts of showing our support of the community and to give people who might need storage an option.

Analyzing Your Audience

On top of providing tried and true marketing strategies to promote your facility in the surrounding areas, we also have experience evaluating what your business needs to fill up those storage spaces. For example, if your location is struggling to fill to maximum capacity, you might need a manager who knows how to sell. Every customer who walks into your store could be an easy sell with someone speaking to them who is charismatic and a more natural salesperson. However, if your location is nearing capacity, you might need a manager who focuses on maintaining quality service.

This is just one example of the actions Joshua Management takes to ensure that your business is branded and marketed successfully. Plus, you’re backed with the tools and experience you need to bring these marketing solutions to fruition.

You’re A Great Facility. Let Us Tell People!

We simply want to let more people know about your stellar services. With some strategy and planning, your facility could be well known and liked by all members of the community. That’s the key to finding customers at all times of the year. Remember: all ages and backgrounds need storage at some point, why shouldn’t they use your facility? If you’re looking for great marketing services for your self storage facility, contact Joshua Management today!

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