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There’s more to running your storage facility than just providing storage. To fill up those storage areas with renters, you’re going to need to draw potential customers in with your reputation, services and brand. You may know how to provide stellar storage service, but can you successfully promote your brand with the knowledge you have?

This is where Joshua Management becomes a valuable resource. Our team knows how to take those services you have worked so hard to perfect and show the community how they can benefit from them. If you don’t know how to market yourself, we can help you!

Why Is Marketing Important?

You could be the best self storage company for 100 miles, but if you have no way of getting your name and brand out there, how do you expect customers to engage your services? Marketing is the strategy that brings your effective services to the audiences who need them most. Plus, branding communicates confidence, cohesiveness and a common mission. These things are important to your customers’ perception of you. The things that make you stand out will make your customers choose you over the competition.

Branded Products

While Joshua Management offers community marketing services tailored for self storage to deliver promotional materials to institutions in the community, the main way we achieve this is through products. When we travel to spread the word about your company, we want to be sure we have something we can leave with those potential customers to remind them about your services when they need them in the future. Some of the merchandise we can stock you with are:

Imagine your logo and colors on all of these products. When those people in your community see your products, their confidence in your ability to manage a successful business rises. Plus, you simply have great-looking products rippling through the area that say your name and entice others to check out your services.

Purchasing Products

Even if you are eager to get your brand on every product you can find, how do you know which companies to use or how much to order? When running a business, there is no such thing as an easy task. Every decision you make comes with several other choices. You want to be sure you are investing in quality products at affordable prices. A little experience in this subject can go a long way.

Joshua Management’s vendors for customizable products are quality companies that provide reliable merchandise. We’ve done the work to find the right kinds of products that appeal to your target audience, and we can help your company’s reputation in the community shine!

Joshua Management Knows Swag

Don’t waste time and money on trial and error with your self storage merchandise. Our team can make this product process easier than you can imagine, and your customers will thank you for the professional services by flocking to your store. Contact Joshua Management today for more information!

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