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Over nine million square feet of self storage construction speaks for itself when shopping for the best amongst a sea of self storage construction companies. But it doesn’t tell the whole story. NDS Construction provides full-service design/build construction, metal buildings, construction management, inspection services, and consultation. Its expertise in self-storage site planning, design, value engineering, and timely project completion has garnered an 88% repeat business clientele.

The self-storage industry has been one of the fastest-growing sectors of the United States commercial real estate industry over the last 38 years.



NDS Construction can assist you in self storage site planning, then provide the design and engineering expertise to ensure a high-value project is delivered on time. We’ll manage contractors, materials, timelines, and more to keep your project on budget and compliant from groundbreaking to final walkthrough. Have a question about we can help with managing the construction of your self storage project? NDS Construction has an answer.


Your project is only as successful as your General Contractor. The countless logistics our self storage contractors orchestrate, from subcontractors to budget, ensure that your project is completed on time and at value. There are a million things that could go wrong on a metal building project, but there is a solution for every problem. The General Contractors at NDS Construction specializes in those solutions. 


When it comes to self storage, design and engineering are incredibly crucial. Factors like space, cost, security, and tenant access become significant when considering utilizing your self storage facility. NDS Construction has been testing and refining this process for decades, separating us from the pack. We give you the exact tools you need for optimized value engineering.


Pre-engineered buildings are an excellent option for those who have the expertise to erect self storage buildings at a specific location. We can design a building specifically for your needs, complete with easy-to-read and detailed plans including construction procedures, material listings and more. Our material packages for self storage projects are available in various pre-set sizes and styles that we can deliver at any location.


From construction site topography to business clientele, site plan and unit mix are vital components to self-storage development. NDS Construction will ensure your facility is optimized for the most income per square footage, complying with regulatory authorities along the way. Our goal is to take away the headache while boosting your ROI. Learn from our decades of experience, so you don’t have to.


NDS Construction’s metal building erection services give you peace of mind, transferring your notepad sketches into actionable blueprints. Next, we build your project in a cost-efficient and timely manner, using quality self storage materials. No sketch? We also offer pre-designed metal building packages. From consulting to value engineering, we lend our expertise so that you can achieve construction success.

We have expanded our NDS Construction expertise to the East Texas market to help you with your next construction project.

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