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Self Storage Design & Engineering

A self storage design and engineering takes into consideration space, material and energy efficiency, cost of maintenance, tenant accessibility and security. These characteristics have been tested and refined for decades by NDS Construction. This is what makes our design, metal buildings, architectural, and engineering services light years ahead of the rest. With an experienced development, construction, and management team, we work hard to make every self storage facility the best in their market.


Design professionals work together contributing their area of expertise toward the overall completion of the project, from architects to civil and structural engineers and landscaping contractors. NDS Construction gets everything you need to launch a successfully designed and engineered self storage facility. Nine million square feet of self storage speaks for itself, as well as the decades of experience and hundreds of facilities we have launched.

Our design and engineering services include:


NDS Construction have built successful businesses all across the United States. We’re your one-stop resource for self storage design and engineering, with a retention rate of 88% clients, a portfolio of more than 300 buildings, and more than 28 years of experience. Want to learn more about metal building construction? Check out this instructional video by Donna May, president of Cross Metal Buildings.

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